Mortgage Insurance Claims Notice


If you are a mortgage insurance client, we recommend that you report the incident to your bank or credit institution. If you are an ITAU client, we recommend to report your claim in Tu Sitio Privado of Seguros Falabella, at the following link:

In case of any queries or assistance to notify a claim, please contact your broker or our Claims Department at


1 - Go to and select the CLAIMS NOTICE option.

2 - Select MORTGAGE INSURANCE CLAIMS notice option

3 - Complete the Mortgage Insurance Claim Report Form with the requested information, namely:

(i) General Information: data associated with the policy affected by the incident.

(ii) Affected party Information: Information of the complainant, insured and mortgage debtor of the policy affected by the incident.

(iii) Claim Information:

  • Detail of the facts, indicating date and time, or the time in which you became aware of the damages claimed.
  • Indication of whether there were third parties affected.
  • Estimate of damages if known.

(iv) Address of Insured House: Indicates the address of the insured property that was affected by the incident.

4 - Authorization for Notifications:  Authorize or not whether you wish to receive notifications associated with the incident by email, and the treatment that will be given to the personal data associated with the incident.

5 - Processing of Personal Data:

Once you have completed the form, in its mandatory data, which are highlighted with an asterisk (*), press the SEND button to submit your complaint to the Insurance Company. Once sent, you will receive a report receipt with your service number. Subsequently, within a period of no more than three business days, you will receive the unique claim number assigned to your complaint and the name of the adjuster who will handle the case.