Our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Everest, we believe the future is determined by the actions we take today. We continue to focus on our talent and culture while striving for a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility emanates throughout our organization – across all levels – and we understand that our dedication to environmental, social and governance issues magnifies the impact we have on society as well as in the communities where we live, work, and serve.
Juan C. Andrade
Everest President & CEO

We are the proud recipient of the 2022 Diversity and Inclusion Award from Inside P&C Honors, which recognizes our efforts to promote DEI in the industry through our programs, events, initiatives, policies, and other activities. This is a testament to our significant strides in the DEI space, including the establishment of our DEI Council, several new Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs) and external work to help bring equity and economic growth to the communities we serve.

The following 4 pillars are the operational framework for our DEI strategy and execution efforts:


Alignment & Accountability

Our integrated global DEI efforts align with our cultural tenets and are metrics-based, to hold us accountable for progress.



Our colleagues will always be the focus of the global programs, processes and partnerships we create, and we will reflect their diverse experiences and perspectives.


Culture & Engagement

Our workplace culture thrives because of our efforts to enhance engagement, inclusion, allyship and belonging.


Opportunity & Growth

Our global efforts to underwrite opportunity are focused on colleagues' ongoing growth, and we will be agile as we hone our offerings to meet their diverse needs.

Our DEI Council

Our DEI Council’s mission is to help foster an environment that attracts, retains and develops the best talent; values the diversity of people, their life experiences and perspectives; and serves as a conduit to Senior Management to promote measurable company-wide engagement on equity and cultural inclusivity. The DEI Council is an important voice and key counselor and supports our leaders in their role to further cultivate DEI at Everest through open dialogue and discussion, training, and best practices.

dei council

Our sponsorships and partnerships

Everest is proud of our strides to enhance recruiting and expand diversity at all levels of our business. By partnering with organizations such as NAAIA, NAWA and Dive In, we’re able to attract and retain talent from all walks of life.

Our sponsorships and partnerships

DIVE IN and Sagaa

Our sponsorships and partnerships

Our Colleague Resource Groups

We continuously seize opportunities to celebrate our diversity and lift one another up. Our global CRGs, as part of our DEI Council, connect regularly through networking events, professional development opportunities and sharing cultural traditions, driving greater awareness and collaboration across offices worldwide.

Our Global CRGs

employee resource group

Our events 

Everest’s DEI Council collaborates with our CRGs on a wide variety of initiatives to help foster a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives, cultures, and life experiences, and enhance learning and connection among colleagues.

Our Juneteenth Celebration taught colleagues about the significance of Black Independence Day. The event provided outstanding entertainment and food from local Black business owners.
Our Hispanic Heritage Month Panel featured our CEO Juan C. Andrade, our Latin America President Pablo Korze, and a special guest from Moody’s Investors Service, who discussed the cultural melting pot of the Latin community and how their heritage shaped their lives and careers.
The First Annual World Showcase Day celebrated the many diverse cultures and ethnicities within Everest. Participants enjoyed an array of ethnic food, performances, historical customs and more.

Our Women’s Networking Group held a Leadership Coffee Hour & Book Signing featuring Eileen Collins, one of the most celebrated astronauts in history and the first woman to command an American space mission and pilot a space shuttle.

We recognized Veteran’s Day and National Remembrance Day by honoring those who selflessly served their country and sharing stories and photos of our Everest Veterans.

Our Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day Celebrations include a variety of fun and educational events, including panel discussions, a leadership coffee hour, a Dress for Success partnership, and spotlights on our colleagues sharing inspiring quotes from women across history.
Our Pan-Asian CRG hosted an event to celebrate Eid, the festival of breaking the fast, marking the end of Ramadan, which was attended by more than 600 colleagues.
Embracing diversity and fostering inclusion is at the core of Everest’s values. This Pride Month, our U.S. offices came together as a united team to celebrate and support our LGBTQ+ community. Happy Pride! 

Training and Development

The continued development of all colleagues is core to who we are and how we maintain our competitive advantage as a global leader. Our leaders and colleagues engage in ongoing learning around inclusion that supports both professional and personal development. We are proud to offer corporate mentoring programs, leadership development opportunities, and avenues for engagement with our external partner organizations.

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