We underwrite

Everest is a leading global underwriter in over 115 countries across 6 continents. We provide the world with protection, we underwrite more than risk, we underwrite opportunity.

Everest answers a basic shared need for security. We enable businesses to survive and thrive, and economies to function and flourish. We are underwriters of risk, growth, progress and opportunity .

A global leader in risk management, we are rooted in a rich heritage, focused on long-term value, disciplined with capital, caring deeply about our impact on communities and the wider world.

We’re a team built to deliver the exceptional – generating superior results, moving where the world is headed and clients need us most, on a clear path to greater shareholder value.

Clients prefer us because we’re at the top of our game. They say we’re different because we are so deeply invested in their success, we listen, and we move quickly to find solutions.

We have always been lean and flat, and that's a strategic choice we continue to make. We like our leaders to lead, provide direction and structure, trusting us to do our jobs and stay close to our clients.


Our business is helping businesses to succeed – in the best way possible. That’s why we invest so much in talent – having the right people, with the right attitude, in the right places. People from every background, delivering with urgency, knowing they’re making a difference.

We provide a global service that’s local and relevant – underwriting risk in major markets around the world. Working together, we are building on the balanced strength of our offer, delivering profitable growth, empowering more businesses and people.


Enterprising. Empowering. Never-resting.

We underwrite opportunity. We are Everest.

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