Celebrating 50 Years of Underwriting Opportunity with Ashley Emanuel

It’s so refreshing to be part of a company that acts on its goals of developing an inclusive culture.
Ashley Emanuel
AVP, U.S. Treaty Casualty Underwriter, Stamford, CT

As a part of Everest's celebration of 50 Years of Underwriting Opportunity, we invite you to hear from Ashley Emanuel, Everest AVP and U.S. Treaty Casualty Underwriter who is part of our special Q&A series highlighting our global colleagues’ experiences working at Everest.

What have been some of the most important lessons you’ve learned throughout your career?

Very early in my career, I learned the importance of putting your ego aside and showing up for your team. Finding a team and company with the right culture is key. This builds a foundation of trust, which inherently has allowed me to confidently build my skills and develop in my career. 

How have you grown professionally at Everest?

 From the beginning, Everest has afforded me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of lines of businesses that I never worked on in my reinsurance career. I was fortunate enough to achieve this through my rotation in Canada. I was able to work in a market outside of the United States, while also stepping out of my comfort zone to work on another side of our business.

 What’s the best advice you can give someone who just started their Everest journey?

It sounds cliché, but never be afraid to ask questions. Someone is always willing to listen and work with you to get your desired answers. My greatest achievements at Everest started with me asking my manager a question. Also, do not be shy to network outside of your team. There are so many groups and programs across the organization that are so helpful as you acclimate to the company.

Tell us about the community you’ve built at Everest.

One of the first things I did when I joined Everest was sign up for Everest’s Mentorship Program. I joined during the pandemic, so it was vital for me to partner with someone outside of my team. This was the best decision I’ve made so far. I now have this incredible group of inspiring colleagues to lean on for support.

What do you love most about Everest’s culture?

One of the many things I love about our culture is our efforts to prioritize diversity and inclusion. It’s so refreshing to be part of a company that acts on its goals of developing an inclusive culture.