Building Everest's Enterprise Project Management Office with Monique McKeon

Monique McKeon
We have a collective strategic agenda and are united in how we accomplish it.
Monique McKeon
Group Enterprise PMO (Project Management Office) Leader, Warren, NJ

How has your role evolved over time?

When I started at Everest, my remit was to create an Enterprise Project Management Office that would provide support and structure as we execute many investment projects. It also included creating a model to help determine and track the specific quantitative and qualitative value outcomes expected from those investments. We have done both of those things, but what has made it challenging and interesting is making sure we are making a positive impact on the Everest culture to help our colleagues understand and embrace different ways of collaborating. That has enabled us to work with a wide range of stakeholders across the business and IT to make our projects successful.

What new skills have you gained?

I would not highlight new skills, but rather those that I have enjoyed honing, especially collaboration, change management, communication, and influence.

How has this impacted your experience Everest?

I feel personally invested in the outcomes that our team directly and indirectly enables, and that is very motivating and inspiring.

How would you describe Everest's evolution? 

We are making investments to scale and sustain our profitable growth, focusing on building and strengthening our capabilities in process maturity, core systems, data & analytics, and automation.

What exciting opportunities do you see afoot for all colleagues at Everest?

The opportunity for our colleagues to develop and refine skills that are critical for a digital, data-enabled company is a very exciting proposition.

Why encourage others to join Everest?

There is something very special and unique about the Everest culture. We have a collective strategic agenda and are united in how we accomplish it. Each team member has skills, experience, and creativity that we leverage to create our future.