Employer Group Fixed Indemnity

Our Fixed Indemnity provides non-ACA health insurance, designed to fill coverage gaps and protect against accident and sickness or accident only, with customized coverage to fit within your budget.

Starting with the core Hospital Indemnity benefit, employers can package up to 30+ benefit options, covering the following benefit categories: hospital confinement, surgery, additional care, medical professional care, medical care facility confinement, and newborn indemnity. In addition, there are up to 9 optional benefit riders, including: AD&D, AME, cancer, CI, and more.

Everest recognizes it isn’t just our broker partners we’re serving, it’s also your clients and their employees. As we build and innovate upon our products, services, and resources, we keep a sharp focus on each customer group. Whether you’re an employer in search of ways to enhance your current benefits offerings, or an advisor interested in selling innovative and high-quality workplace benefits solutions, we want to hear from you.

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Wayne Martinez
Business Development Manager

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Wayne Martinez
Business Development Manager
Seth Merenbloom
Director, Accident and Health
David Burke
Senior Underwriter, Director of Accident and Health

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